Mike's Top Spot Tires Services

New Tires

Do you need new tires, but are tired of over paying? We have a large selection of new and used tires to choose from, so you can be riding in style again. Some tire shops will have you overpay for used tires. Some will tell you that they are new, even if they’ve seen a few thousand miles.

Our trustworthy team will make sure that you leave with the tires that you need. Our large selection of brand name tires, such as Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper, will have you rolling around in style in no time.

Used Tires

When looking to replace your tires, sometimes brand new tires can be expensive. Too expensive. When you can’t afford brand new tires, the economical route is to purchase quality used tires. When you come to Mike’s Top Spot Tires in Pueblo, CO, you will always find great used tires.

There is a common misconception that used tires are dangerous. This is false. All of the tires we sell are carefully inspected, we make sure that they are road worthy. At a reduced, affordable price, you can once again have road worthy tires.

Tire Repair

Flat tires can be a burden. You could be rolling around on a good set of tires, and all it takes is one nail on the road to ruin your day. New tires can be costly, so if your punctured tire could be salvaged, wouldn’t you try?

If you are in need of tire repair, bring it here. We do a number of tire services, so we will get you back on the road in no time. We will assess the damage to the tire, and if it is fixable, we will get you back on your way.

Tire Rotation

There are many benefits to rotating your tires on a regular basis. You should rotate your tires every 5000 miles. Rotating your tires is the best way to get the most of tires. If you leave the tires in place, your front tires will wear down much faster, and you will have to replace your tires much sooner.

We do tire rotation and a number of other tire and automotive services. So make sure you get out the most of your tires.

Recreational Vehicle Tires

Road trip and family vacations are a good way to make lasting memories. Going on a trip in an RV seeing all the sights the country has to offer seems like a perfect way to start off a vacation.

There are few things that can derail a good time like that. Having a flat or worn out tires on your RV is one of them. If you are looking for a tires shop that has high-quality recreational vehicle tires at a great price, make sure that you stop on by

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